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Message of Manager

پیام مدیریت

We are honorable for providing this communication bridge to interact with you noble customers and audiences of this company.
Goals by manager’s view: Tolou Plastic Doustan Industrial Group, from its establishment, was seeking its main goals that are creating occupation and campaign with unemployment, development of industrial factories in deprived area, and growth of its products and markets. Also, increment of value added, innovation, and customer satisfaction are from its main goals. Accordingly, this company believes implementing the-state-of-the-art technologies from its highest to lowest levels. We never interrupt this trend till we achieve our goals.
Customers by manager’s view: Customers are the most important supervisor of our activities, and they are not construed as strangers. Customer is not a transient object, but it is our ultimate goal. When we talk about customers’ satisfaction, we should consider out contracts, in written or oral. We should care about customers as soon as possible. We believe good business conditions are avoiding insincerity, avoiding swearing, avoiding admiration while selling, avoiding dispraise while purchasing, and mentioning disadvantages of our goods.
We praise God providing us many reach years with plentiful outcomes and obtaining representations from many foreign companies in marketing and sale of plastic raw materials and machinery. This increased occupation level, especially in deprived areas (i.e. the ultimate goal), quality increment, and versatility of products.
Mojtaba Miri, Chairman of Board ( Tolou Plastic Doustan )
Javad Miri , Chairman of Board ( Chemi Plast Dana )

History of company

عکس کارخانه

The history and experiences of Tolou Plastic Doustan Industrial Group return to about 40 years ago. Managers of this large manufacturing group are from the first craftsmen that were importing pneumatic and injection plastic technologies to Iran and they attempted to nationalize these technologies. Management, trade, and technical units of this company were activated even before establishment of this company throughout Iran; then they formed a coalition to extend their services and technologies, which really is a new beam in glory of plastic industry in country.
The most important goals of this company are campaign with unemployment, development of industrial factories in deprived area, and growth of its products and markets. Accordingly, this company has established several large factories in deprived area and capital suburbs. Thus, this company covers a large spectrum of plastic products for home, industrial, and agricultural consumptions.
The requirement for raw materials and expansion of services encourages us to establish a new department to supply raw materials for our production department with lower prices and better quality. So Tolou Plastic Doustan Industrial Co. presented in raw material market dominantly, which resulted establishment of International Trade Department as an independent branch successfully.
Today, this company follows its main mission, i.e. production of plastic appliances, supplying plastic raw materials, injection machines, and plastic molds for many other manufacturers around Iran. Now, this company produces types of plastic raw materials for different applications in light and heavy industries. Also, this company is ready to cooperate with all small and large economic agencies.


عکس کارخانه

The experienced managerial and technical staff, with more than ten years of scientific and practical experiences, has given a high potential to this company. The Production Department of this company is equipped with the-state-of-the-art machinery. It tries to offer high quality goods with suitable prices to customers or industries.
Productions of this company range from small plastic pieces to large industrial ones. Machines of this company can produce a set of small and large parts for home, industrial, and agricultural consumptionsand for export. The Trade Department of this company is one of the best and the most efficient one with high specialty power in distribution and sale of raw materials, injection machines, pneumatic machines, and injection molds in Iran. This multiplies power of this company to offer services to other industries so that many mother industries related with this department to supply their raw materials and to sell their products.

Goals of company

This company has tried to nationalize this technology and to produce competitive products in compliance with policies of government from its establishment up to now, and this is its ethical and practical charter of this great industrial complex. The long term goals of this company are attaining external and neighbor markets, transferring technology and establishment of branches and trade offices in other countries.